Data-Driven Product Decisions Workshop

Learn a step by step process for killing bad ideas and igniting great ones

This workshop will explore ways of quantifying a product opportunity in terms that matter to decision makers, while also sharing proven techniques for winning allies and influencing stakeholders. Whether you just got started in a new job, got a new assignment from your boss, or have been developing a sense that your existing product needs a change in investment or direction, this workshop will equip you with tools and techniques you can use to build agreement as you embark on a journey to evaluate the opportunity and steer your product toward success.

What will participants learn?

  • What do you need to know about a project to determine if the company should invest, persevere, pivot, or sunset?
  • How do you estimate potential revenues, costs, risks?
  • What metrics should you look at when evaluating an existing product?
  • How can you influence the product strategy behind your directive?
  • What discovery techniques will help you answer the most important questions?
  • How much qualitative vs quantitative discovery should you do?
  • How can you check your own biases and keep an open mind?
  • What questions can you ask to push your colleagues to take off their rose colored glasses and get real?
  • How can you communicate your discovery findings to change minds without bruising egos?

Why are you teaching this workshop?

At Shutterstock, I successfully made the case to shutdown Skillfeed, an internally launched startup in the online education space. Next I led the launch of Shutterstock Editor from prototype to successful public beta in 3 months, generating praise from the target users who loved that it saved them time. Then I followed it up with a validated roadmap to support an increasing amount of valuable customer outcomes for a wider audience and a resource plan to scale the team 3x so that we could deliver on the original vision as fast as possible. By the end of Shutterstock Editor’s first year, the team had earned a reputation for continually delivering valuable improvements and product usage had grown 10X from its first month.

Since then, I have helped several businesses determine when to invest, persevere, pivot, or kill everything from feature ideas to business units. I believe that the best product leaders are not only good at building new products, but also at recognizing when resources would be better spent elsewhere. I love sharing these learnings with product leaders who practice these entrepreneurship skills, whether in startups, scaling companies, or enterprises.

How is the workshop structured?

The majority of this one day workshop is made of group exercises, interspersed with product principles, examples, and case studies. The workshop is best in person but I can also facilitate remote or hybrid workshops.

Who should attend this workshop?

The how to kill a bad idea workshop is ideal for startup founders, product leaders, marketing leaders, product managers, product designers, product marketers, user experience designers, user researchers, engineering leaders, data analysts, and other product practitioners looking to level up their skills at product strategy and design or driving internal change.

Are there other ways I can attend this workshop?

I typically host workshops like this for companies. Your teams can get the most value out of working through the exercises together on real problems that your business is facing. Contact me and I’ll be happy to talk with you about customizing it for your company’s needs, or let me know if you want to be notified of the next public workshop.