The best way to learn is by doing! My workshops coach product practitioners on combining design thinking, data science, lean startup, agile methodologies, and modern management principles to address real problems their business is facing right now.

Private Workshops

I typically host workshops for companies. Your teams can get the most value out of working through the exercises together on real problems that your business is facing. Contact me and I’ll be happy to talk with you about running one onsite, remotely, or hybrid. 

Public Workshops

Occasionally I host public workshops in New York City or online. Contact me to request one near you or sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when a new one is scheduled.

Product Discovery Workshop

This workshop focuses on uncovering opportunities, crafting a vision, creating a discovery research plan, and crafting an iterative product roadmap to identify the first valuable, feasible steps towards that vision.

Data-Driven Product Decisions Workshop

Learn a step by step process for killing bad ideas and igniting great ones from H2R Product Science. This workshop will explore ways of quantifying a product opportunity in terms that matter to decision makers, while also sharing proven techniques for winning allies and influencing stakeholders.