Uncertain Times Require Rapid, Remote Product Discovery – Product Science Journal #29

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In these difficult and uncertain times, I wanted to resume sending messages to the Product Science community. Many of you have joined in the gap period where I wasn’t sending messages, and others haven’t heard from me in a while – so consider this a hearty wave and welcome from me over here in NYC.

One of our core beliefs at H2R Product Science is that technology can and should be used to solve real problems and make a positive impact on the world. So this seemed like a time that we couldn’t just sit on the sidelines. People and businesses everywhere are affected. Entire industries are closed, others are limping along, and others are struggling to meet the demands of the now almost fully remote workforce in many parts of the country.

With all that change, it’s time to talk to customers. Don’t guess at how their lives are changing – learn from them. In order to help, we’ll be running a webinar next week on Monday at 1:30 pm EST.

In the meantime, below are some things we found helpful as we adjust our work lives to match the changing days.




The Virus Survival Strategy For Your Startup

Steve Blank

charts of funding recovery time during seed to series C after the 2008 recession

File this one under hard truths. Steve Blank argues that the changes we’re seeing are likely to impact the economy for years, so product leaders in all sectors should be looking at their future and planning for various paths forward.

Working Remotely? 5 Ways to Help Your Product Team Thrive


picture of laptop and mobile phone

In this article Teresa shares advice for those product teams who have recently moved to remote work. My favorite section is the section on working out loud. It’s so important to keep things collaborative and on-track!

The 2nd Nir Eyal Hypothesis: When We Understand our Triggers and Plan Our Time, We Can Become Indistractible

H2R Product Science

quote from Nir Eyal

Given how many of us are working from home, managing your distraction is more critical than ever. In this episode of the Product Science Podcast, Nir Eyal and I talk about how to put behavior science to work for you so that you can build practices and habits that help you avoid distraction and get things done.

Upcoming Webinar – Rapid Product Research for Uncertain Times

On Monday, March 30th, at 10:30am PST/1:30 PM EST, we’ll be hosting a webinar on running rapid, remote product research. Myself and some members of my team will be sharing our tips and approach to learning just enough to make evidence-based decisions, quickly.

Register here.

Announcing Our Beta Membership Community for Product Science Practitioners

With everything going on, we’ve decided now is a good time to reopen our membership community. It’s a place for us to come together and help each other upskill our rapid, remote product discovery. It includes an online course, The Product Science Success Path, a private Slack community, new content weekly from my team and our favorite guest experts, and live sessions for us all to connect. In order to keep the quality and expertise high, it’s normally $249/month, but if you join now through April 1st you will lock in the Beta pricing of $149/month.

Learn more about the Product Science Salon

Recent Podcasts

We’ve recently ended season 2, with the final episode last week. Check out these favorite episodes from season 2:


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