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Our online program is in beta! If you’re a product manager or startup founder trying to get your product to the next level, apply to join the next cohort.

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In-Person Workshops

The highest impact learning happens collaboratively, working through real case studies. We promise you’ll be inspired and walk away with tangible techniques you can use to drive product success.

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Imagine having a personal guide to help you over the biggest challenges you face. Whether it’s understanding users, working with your team, or planning your next move, we can make it easier.

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High Impact Experiment Planning Workshop

We’ll start by identifying the biggest risks to your product’s success. Then we’ll work together to make an experiment plan that will give you the evidence you need to make the best product decisions.

Product Opportunity Assessment

This is a complete done-for-you research package. Together we’ll assess the opportunities and develop an evidence-based strategy to take your product from idea to launch.

Continuous Lean Product Discovery and Design

We can provide regular support to your team to make sure that you are validating the opportunity and optimizing the solution design to reach product-market fit.

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