Product Science Podcast - Coming Soon

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What is it?

The Product Science Podcast is a podcast to help startup founders and product leaders build high-growth products, teams, and companies through real conversations with people who have done it, and who aren't afraid to share lessons learned from the failures along the way.

Who is it for?

The Product Science Podcast is for smart, curious, ambitions startup founders and product leaders who want to get better at driving evidence-based product decisions. If you are interested in both theory and practice, and you love having new stories from the trenches that you can use to inspire your colleagues and teams, then this show is for you.

When does it launch?

The Product Science Podcast will launch February 12th, 2019.

Holly Hester-Reilly

Who is the host?

Holly Hester-Reilly

Founder & CEO of H2R Product Science

Holly Hester-Reilly is the Founder and CEO of H2R Product Science, a product management coaching and consulting firm that teaches the science of high-growth product development. Holly is a former Columbia University research scientist and has led over a dozen successful digital product initiatives at startups, high-growth companies, and enterprises like MediaMath, Shutterstock, The Lean Startup Co, and Weight Watchers. With those experiences she has developed the Product Science Method, a framework to discover the strongest product opportunities and lay the foundations for high-growth products, teams, and businesses.  

Her team at H2R Product Science partners with startup founders and product leaders to share this framework, helping them to figure out which product growth opportunities they should pursue and build the product management skill to deliver on their goals.  

Holly also teaches public and private workshops and has spoken about building high-growth products for events such as growth equity firm General Atlantic's CIO summit, top boutique design and development agency Thoughtbot's employee summit, ProductTankNYC, Parsons School of Design, and the Product School.