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Hey there, you smart, curious, ambitious product leader!

Do you ever get a bit frustrated by how far your day-to-day experience is from the best practices world you read and hear about? 

Do you feel like the books, talks, and workshops are great, but want more help figuring out how to make these things work in your organization?

If so, we're creating a membership experience for people like you. 

We know that while product managers are supposed to be the glue that brings it all together, in reality, between stakeholder demands, inconsistent leadership, and endless meetings, we often feel like we're being pulled apart ourselves.

And yet, we still believe that product management is the most exciting, impactful, and fun job in tech.

We know that it can be so much better. We’ve led 10x product launches, acted as trusted advisor to both public company leaders and startup founders, and partnered hands-on with product managers, designers, and engineers who tell us that the experience has been transformational.

After years of teaching live workshops, coaching, and consulting on how to develop high-growth product teas, we're creating an online community so that we can help even more aspiring product leaders reach their goals.  

It's not quite ready to launch yet, but we're going to run a private beta this summer and would love for you to join us.

How will the Product Science Salon membership work?

With all the demands on a product manager's time, we know it's hard to make consistent time for your own development, but it's also critical to staying sharp in our fast-growing field. So this is a highly flexible experience. You participate in the way that works best for you.  

The membership includes:  

  • The Product Science Success Path mini course, so you will have a clear picture of your best path to becoming a high-growth product leader 
  • Monthly content including Q&A sessions with members of our team, product science exercises, templates, articles, and expert panels
  • Ongoing community and support via our private slack channel, the Product Science Salon 

What's beta about it?

We're still developing the site and content, so the first few months we expect to really lean in to learn what works well and what doesn't. We're looking to beta members to help us determine how to best meets their needs and grow together.

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Build products that make a big impact

  • Learn how to use the Product Science Method to uncover the greatest product opportunities and set your teams up for success

Join a curated community of tech veterans

  • We'll be interviewing each member to make sure they are a fit to keep the depth of discussion high  

Grow your product leadership skills

  • Follow the Product Science Success Path to build your skills and grow your career from wherever you are to expert product leader
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Holly Hester-Reilly

Founder and CEO of H2R Product Science and Host of the Product Science Podcast

Holly Hester-Reilly is the Founder and CEO of H2R Product Science, a product management coaching and consulting firm that teaches the science of high-growth product development and host of The Product Science Podcast.

Holly is a former Columbia University research scientist and has led over a dozen successful digital product initiatives at startups, high-growth companies, and enterprises like MediaMath, Shutterstock, CapitalOne, Wirecutter, Unilever, The Lean Startup Co, and Weight Watchers. With those experiences she has developed the Product Science Method, a framework to discover the strongest product opportunities and lay the foundations for high-growth products, teams, and businesses.  

Her team at H2R Product Science partners with startup founders and product leaders to share this framework, helping them to figure out which product growth opportunities they should pursue and build the product management skill to deliver on their goals.  

Holly also teaches public and private workshops and has spoken about building high-growth products for events such as Lean Startup Summit Europe, growth equity firm General Atlantic's CIO summit, ProductTankNYC, Parsons School of Design, and the Product School.  

Holly counts among her proudest achievements that after interviewing Marty Cagan, legendary product management leader, for the launch of the Product Science Podcast, Marty had this to say about Holly "I have done a bunch of these podcasts but this was IMHO the best and most useful. Holly jumped right into the toughest topics in product, and it's clear that she truly gets this stuff. I've known Holly for a while but this discussion made me even more impressed."