Interview on Elevatd Life with Holly Hester-Reilly

YES! I had another opportunity to switch the schedule and be a guest on someone else’s podcast! I took a quick break from H2R Product Science’s podcast to be a guest on Irma Mesa’s podcast, Elevatd Life Podcast.

For this episode, Irma asked me about my journey and what we are doing at H2R Product Science! I went over how I got started all the way to the clients that we’re working with today.

Holly Hester-Reilly on Elevatd Life Podcast.

Here are the highlights from the show notes:

  • Going from a unique college major to then founder of a consulting and coaching business
  • Understanding the psychology and human behavior behind building successful products
  • How your current skill set can be transferable to entering the Product space
  • Practicing empathy when creating a product from the ground up

Ready to give it a listen? Listen on Apple Podcasts, or check out their show notes here: Holly Hester-Reilly, Founder & CEO.

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