Product School Talk: How to Make Data-Informed Product Decisions by Shutterstock PM

The best products are made when the risky decisions, from stories to strategy, are backed by data. But even teams that think of themselves as data driven can get caught up on the wrong metrics, bias their research, or get confused by seemingly conflicting feedback from users. How do you navigate these challenges to create products that drive the business outcomes they are charged with?

Key topics:
-What metrics should you look at when evaluating product performance?
-How much qualitative vs quantitative discovery should you do?
-What discovery techniques will help you answer the most important questions?
-How can you check your own biases and keep an open mind?
-How can you communicate your discovery findings to change minds without bruising egos?

Join me and the Product School in New York on Thursday, Feb 15th to hear my product discovery tips!

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