How to decide which product concepts to test

Mike Fishbein wrote about my approach to determining what to test in “Concept Testing: 6 Lessons From Product Leaders” on This is Product Management. Here’s an excerpt:

Holly Hester-Reilly, a product consultant and former Product Owner at Shutterstock, shared her framework for determining what concepts needs to be tested in the first place. Holly plots each test her team is considering running on a four-quadrant diagram. The diagram maps “the negative impact if the concept isn’t viable” on the Y-axis, and “the likelihood that the concept isn’t viable” on the X-axis.

2x2 graph for what to test
What to test?

Holly then tests the concepts in the upper right-hand quadrant – concepts that have a high likelihood of not being viable and would have a major negative impact if they aren’t viable. This framework helps her get answers to her most critical product questions.

Read the full article on the Alpha blog for more insights:

Concept Testing: 6 Lessons From Product Leaders