How to find great women in tech in Stack Overflow Talent

I shared thoughts with Rachel Ferrigno for her piece about finding great female talent in tech. Here’s an excerpt:

Holly Hester-Reilly, Founder of H2R Product Science, prefers interviews that mirror the actual job functions of the position she is applying for. She says, “In terms of process and structure of interviews, I love it when employers focus more on asking for real demonstrations of my skill in the activities involved in the job, instead of focusing on the titles or roles I’ve played in the past. Since advancement within organizations is often affected by implicit biases or the impact of relationships that can be harder for women to build up in tech workplaces, de-emphasizing past roles and advancement in the interview process is a great way to identify female talent that will thrive on the job.”

Check out the full piece for more tips from women in tech on what employers can do to attract and retain a diverse workforce.

What Women in Tech Wish Employers Knew

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