What can great product management do for you?

Has your team ever spent countless hours on a new feature, only to launch it and see it barely used? Do software engineers at your company feel like codemonkeys, unsure how the code they develop impacts the company’s key metrics or bottom line? Do designers spin their wheels proposing improvements that never get built? Do the business managers constantly ask when things will be delivered and complain that things take too long? If any of these problems sound familiar, I can help you and your company do better.

A great product manager will act as the glue that pulls together the valuable perspectives from user experience and user interface designers, software engineers, and business professionals to help teams build valuable products.

Great product management is about being skilled in the tools and techniques of the trade. It’s not about having the next great idea but rather it’s about knowing how to test your assumptions, identify your own biases, validate your hypotheses, practice rapid iterations, and be ready to pivot.

A great product manager can talk to users, brainstorm with UX designers, understand engineering challenges, geek out over agile processes with a scrum master, manage stakeholder expectations, present roadmaps to executives, and make tough decisions, all while projecting the calm confidence of the captain steering the ship.

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Holly Hester-Reilly, Product Management Trainer and Consultant