Holly Hester-Reilly - Founder & CEOFounder & CEO


Holly Hester-Reilly is the founder and CEO of H2R Product Science. Holly has helped startups, high-growth companies, and enterprises like MediaMath, Shutterstock, The Lean Startup Co, and Weight Watchers figure out which product growth opportunities they should pursue and build the product management skill to deliver on their goals.

Holly also teaches public and private workshops and has spoken about building high-growth products for events such as Lean Startup Berlin, growth equity firm General Atlantic’s CIO summit, top design and development agency Thoughtbot’s employee summit, ProductTankNYC, The New School, and the Product School.

Holly holds a BS and MS in chemical engineering from Columbia University, where she loved working as a research scientist and teaching students.

What Motivates Holly

I believe that we can use technology to solve real problems for real people, and I want to help create sustainable, enjoyable experiences for high-growth tech products, teams, and companies.

Fun Stuff

Holly was a competitive figure skater in the 1990s during the reign of Michelle Kwan, who was her childhood hero. She trained at the same training center as Olympians including Surya Bonaly,  Ilya Kulik, and Pasha Grishuk and Evgeny Platov.