Growth is Uncomfortable – Product Science Journal #32

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Dear amazing product leaders,

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about self-reflection and growth. I spend several hours each week thinking about my work and my life, whether through journaling, conversation with confidants, or yes, therapy. I’m always working on improving in one way or another, trying to shape myself and my life to what I want it to be.

Sometimes, one of these leads to an aha moment, a moment of clarity where I see myself in a new way. I wouldn’t call this experience fun, but I’d call it growth. And like Jocelyn Miller says in the first episode of season 4 of the Product Science Podcast, growth is uncomfortable. My take on that is that it’s ok, even good, to be uncomfortable sometimes, as long as it’s in service of a greater goal.

So this issue’s theme is self-reflection and growth. I hope you find inspiration in it.

Keep growing,

The Jocelyn Miller Hypothesis: Growth is Uncomfortable

The Product Science Podcast

I had such a great time talking with Jocelyn Miller for the first episode of Season 4.  We cover the difference between working in product at places like Google and Amazon versus smaller companies like Zazzle, what role fun should play in our work, and how Jocelyn helps clients find more fulfillment in their careers.

The Feedback Founders Need to Hear – How to Grow Yourself to Grow the Company

First Round Review

In this article, First Round interviews Alisa Cohn about the things she’s learned coaching startup founders and CEOs over the past 20 years. It’s full of tips for effective self-reflection and ways to grow yourself.

John Cutler’s Product Leadership Expertise

Common Cog

In this interesting piece, Cedric Chin performs Applied Cognitive Task Analysis on John Cutler in an attempt to extract knowledge about Cutler’s product expertise. John Cutler is one of the most prolific authors I’ve seen, and as a Product Evangelist at Amplitude for the past several years, he’s had the opportunity to help and learn from hundreds of product orgs. Check out this article for some insight into differences across product orgs around the world.

Podcast Season 4 Has Begun

We’re working hard on Season 4! In addition to the episode above, check out the second episode or one of these past episodes:

I was on One Knight in Product with Jason Knight

I had a blast talking truth with Jason Knight on his podcast, One Knight in Product. We cover so many fun topics, including:

  • The mission behind H2R Product Science
  • The 5 step Product Science Success Path
  • Whether life is like the product books
  • Using the Built/Learned/Planning demo

Check it out here or on your favorite podcast platform!

I’m Speaking at Dubai UX Design Conference!

I’m excited to be speaking on the topic of High Impact Product Design Experimentation at the Dubai UX Design Conference, May 16-17, 2022. Check it out here.

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