Holly Hester-Reilly - Founder & CEOHolly Hester-Reilly, Founder & CEO

Holly is the Founder and CEO of H2R Product Science. Holly was a product leader at MediaMath during their journey to becoming a unicorn and at Shutterstock in the years after their IPO. She is also a former Columbia University research scientist and competitive figure skater.



Kevin Pujanauski, Product Leader

Kevin is a product strategist and digital marketer with a background in education technology and business strategy.




Dan Melinger - Product Leader and StrategistDan Melinger, Product Leader

Dan is a product leader and strategist. He has built disruptive solutions for mass media and social media, finance, gaming, education, and the service economy.



Mark Enache - Lead Product DesignerMark Enache, Lead Product Designer

Mark is a designer of all the digital things who strives towards experiences that bring people together on common ground, both within teams and with users.



Allison Cassing - User ResearcherAllison Cassing, User Researcher

Allison is a user researcher with years of product management experience focused on data and insights. She has a deep interest in user experience and motivation.



You can book a chat with Holly directly if you’d like to get to know us more.