Product science is a repeatable, evidence-based approach to building high growth products in an uncertain world. It starts with user science, the application of psychological and behavior science principles to understand and predict user behavior. It also includes lean and agile development practices, modern management principles, and intentional culture setting to build innovative products and top product teams.

I start by generating insights using design thinking, data science, and behavioral economics to evaluate the product opportunity and inform or develop the product strategy. Then I lay the foundations for success by developing a big vision, clearly defining specific objectives, choosing appropriate key metrics, and crafting an outcomes based roadmap.

When we have agreed on a valuable and strategic problem to solve, I work with leaders to develop a team resourcing plan, set realistic expectations, and make sure the team has the tools and support they’ll need to be successful. Collaboratively with the team and leadership, we develop the right lean startup and agile processes for the team to continually talk to customers, test hypotheses, design usable and feasible solutions, and support and grow the product to a successful product-market fit.

Along the way, I use workshops and Built Learned Planning Demos to build cross-functional collaboration and continuously refine the product strategy, design, and engineering plans. I pay careful attention to the company dynamics and work to drive development of a continuous learning culture.

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Holly Hester-Reilly, Product Management Trainer and Consultant