Do you ever feel like you are drowning in a sea of other’s product launch success stories, but the success you dream of for yourself is always just out of reach?

Do you tell yourself that if only others were as passionate about this product as you are, you’d be shipping everything you envision, and it would sell itself because users would be telling everyone how much they love it?

Do you ever wonder if all the hard work you are putting in is actually getting you closer to product success?

What if, instead of a long hard slog towards an outside chance at success, every day you felt more confident in your product launch plan?

Imagine instead that you launch your product in under 3 months, generating rave reviews from your target users. They love that it solves a real problem for them and excitedly ask you for more. And the things they ask for are exactly what you expected them to want next – things that you’re already working on. They are happy to give you feedback on your prototypes and you confidently develop a plan to get you from this phase to your vision. A year later, your key metrics are 10x higher than where you started. Your product launch was a success!

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not out of reach. I’ve lived that dream several times, with a mobile health messaging platform, with a completely new user interface for the MediaMath ad-tech platform, and with Shutterstock Editor, a design tool for nondesigners to create professional designs.

So what’s the secret? Is it just luck? For some companies, companies that do it once but struggle to do it again, maybe it is. But for those of us, founders and product leaders who have led successful product launches again and again, it’s not luck, it’s science – product science.

But what is product science?

Product science is a repeatable, evidence-based approach to building high growth products in an uncertain world. It starts with user science, the application of psychological and behavior science principles to understand and predict user behavior. It also includes lean and agile development practices, modern management principles, and intentional culture setting to build innovative products and top product teams.

The world’s top tech companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix have used these principles to disrupt the world, forever. These tech giants are filled with experts in areas like user research, behavior design, data science, product management, and growth marketing. They use these skills to develop evidence-based product strategies that lead to the high growth products that we use everyday.

How can product science help me have a successful product launch?

You can learn these skills too.

The first principle of product science is to solve real problems for people. But to do that, you need to get product marketing, product design, product development, customer success, and customer support all moving towards the same end goal, together. That’s not easy, but it can be done – and the product science method gives you the techniques needed to do it with confidence.

I’m on a mission to share these techniques so that more people can successfully launch products. That’s why I’m writing, teaching, and consulting for early-stage startups, scaling companies, and established enterprises that want to do better.

Will you join me?

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