Evidence-Based Product Decisions

How to develop an evidence-based product strategy, build support from decision makers, and achieve product and career success

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Holly came in to Shutterstock when we desperately needed business direction for Skillfeed (a Shutterstock company). She conducted one of the best data driven business analyses I have seen. Holly collected a tremendous amount of data by surveying the competitive landscape, comparing various industry pricing models, and categorizing thousands of user feedbacks to come up with concrete suggestions that were backed by data. -Han Qiu, Director of Engineering at Namely

holly hester-reilly

With Holly Hester-Reilly, Founder of H2R Product Science, Product Management Training and Consulting

Want to build products that make an impact, driving growth and successful outcomes for your users?

Want to be treated like a trusted advisor - a true product leader instead of a delivery manager?

Want to reach the next step in your product management career and love your work while you achieve your goals?

Sometimes, as a product manager, it feels like we're in the worst position - responsible for product success but not empowered to make the right calls. We're supposed to be the glue that brings it all together, but between stakeholder input, feature requests, and endless meetings, we often feel like we're being pulled apart ourselves. After talking with hundreds of product managers and spending over a decade in tech, I've seen it happen, many times over. And yet, I still believe that product management is the most exciting, impactful, and fun job in tech.

I know that it can be so much better. I’ve led 10x product launches, acted as trusted advisor to both public company leaders and startup founders, and had product managers, designers, and engineers tell me that they've both learned from and loved working with me.

And I want to show you how to do it too. After years of teaching live workshops and coaching individuals, I'm bringing this content online so that I can help even more product managers reach their goals.  

So I'm excited to invite you to join me for the beta session of this live online course! 

What will you get?

We'll cover the tools and techniques that I use to identify the right products and features to develop and to build the support to do so. You'll get to apply these methods to your own product area and talk through your work with other smart product leaders.

At the end of the course, you'll:

  • Have developed an evidence-based product strategy for your own product.
  • Be confident that your team is spending their time on the most impactful areas.
  • Be able to lead your team in a way that empowers them to deliver their best work.
  • Know what to do when the critics question your direction.
  • Develop trust from your company leadership, your key stakeholders, and your team members. 
  • Finally feel like you are not just a project manager but are trusted as the product leader you want to be.

How does this live online course work?

With all the demands on our time, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you can't make time for your own development. To make it work for your schedule, the course is just 1 live hour each week, and you can work on your own product for the exercises.

This live online course includes:

  • Weekly 1 hour online workshops facilitated by me
  • Exercises that you can do on your own or with your team, in person or remotely 
  • My favorite tools to conquer each task 
  • Reading suggestions to dive further into each topic
  • Multiple session times in case you need to makeup a missed session

When is it?

The full course is 12 weeks of sessions and begins in May. We will meet live for 1 hour each week. For the beta offering, we'll have two weekly sessions to choose from. If something comes up, you'll be able to switch to the other session.


May 8th - July 31st 

(No class July 3rd)

  • 8am Pacific
  • 9am Mountain
  • 10am Central
  • 11am Eastern


May 9th - Aug 1st 

(No class July 4th)

  • 12pm Pacific
  • 1pm Mountain
  • 2pm Central
  • 3pm Eastern

Ready to get started? 

Want the whole step-by-step process to developing your evidence-based product strategy? Reserve your seat by booking the full 3-part course now. Once you're registered, you can let me know your session choice.

Cost when you book all 12 sessions now: $1200 $950



Need a smaller commitment? 

To make it easier to get started, the 12 week course is delivered in 3 standalone parts. If you take just one part, you'll still have leveled up your product leadership in a tangible way. If you do all of them, you'll have gone through a step-by-step process for leading evidence-based product decisions that sets your team up to drive outcomes for your business and customers. 

Cost for each 4 week part: $400

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Part 1: Understand Your Users

  • How do you predict user behavior? 
  • How do you plan valuable user research? 
  • How do you recruit users for interviews? 
  • How can you avoid common mistakes in conducting user interviews? 
  • How do you capture valuable insights from user research?  
  •  May 8 - 30
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Part 2: Know Your Market

  • How should you segment your market?
  • What kind of quantitative research should you do?
  • What existing product data should you be looking at?
  • When should you look at the competition?
  • How can you synthesize this into actionable insights?  
  •  June 5 - 27
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Part 3: Lay the Foundations for Continuous Improvement

  • How do you define your MVP? 
  • How can you get the best work from your designers and developers?  
  • Which tests shoud you run? 
  • How do you build your roadmap?  
  • When should you listen to stakeholders? 
  •  July 10 - Aug 1
holly hester-reilly


Holly Hester-Reilly

Product Management Trainer & Consultant

As Group Product Owner at Shutterstock, Holly successfully made the evidence-based case to shutdown Skillfeed, an internally launched startup in the online education space. Next she led the launch of Shutterstock Editor from prototype to successful public beta in 3 months, generating praise from the target users who loved that it saved them time. From there she developed an evidence-based product strategy and a resource plan to scale the team 3X. By the end of Shutterstock Editor’s first year, the team had earned a reputation for continually delivering valuable improvements and product usage had grown 10X from its first month.  

Over the course of Holly's decade in NYC tech, she has worked on over a dozen new product launches. In 2017, Holly founded H2R Product Science, a training and consulting company so that she could help more startup founders, product managers, designers, and engineers find growth opportunities and develop evidence-based strategies for successful product launches.


While this will be the first live online version, I have shared these exercises and stories at live workshops before. Here's what past participants said:

This is the kind of workshop I’d do on my own, even if my company doesn’t sponsor me. I felt the workshop was structured well, dividing us into groups, having us work silently and then collaboratively. We were constantly building on top of the previous work. I found it very useful! I think it would also be beneficial for strategists and product marketing managers.


I really enjoyed the workshop – the topic was one I feel like I am faced with more and more these days. I liked the way Holly did the product opportunity assessment, so I walked my team through some of the exercises to apply to a project we’re working on now. It helped us to focus our experimentation.

joe lalley

I really enjoyed meeting the other workshop attendees and getting an extended view into Holly’s product opportunity assessment process. I especially liked how Holly broke the guidelines down into digestible chunks for the break out sessions and built them back up together in the discussion. I also liked the format of a case study with her work at Shutterstock as examples. Felt free but not scary!

grace tuttle



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