Episode 33 of the Product Momentum Podcast: Holly Hester-Reilly on learning fast and learning well with experimentation

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Sean Flaherty and Paul Gebel on the Product Momentum Podcast about learning fast and learning well with experimentation.

Experimentation is not about right or wrong. It’s about learning things that you genuinely didn’t know. The secret is to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and to make room for your own sense of  vulnerability. When you’re able to embrace not knowing something, or have experiments come back that disprove your hypotheses, you’re going to discover amazing insights that benefit you, your team, and your organization.

You can listen in here: Learn Fast, Learn Well With Experimentation with guest Holly Hester-Reilly

In this dynamic and fast-paced conversation, Holly discusses her approach to the product science method, one that focuses on using science and empathy to manage risk while building high-growth products and teams.

We covered some of my favorite topics, like the product science method, the role of data and metrics, confirmation bias, exposure therapy, the role of experimentation, and much more!

Check it out on your favorite podcast app or play below.