Episode 16 of the Enliven Podcast: Holly Hester-Reilly on building a customer-centric team and product culture

I recently had the pleasure of geeking out on product discovery and customer-centricity with Andrew Skotzko on his Enliven podcast. Andrew interviewed me for episode 16: Holly Hester-Reilly: Building a customer-centric team and product culture.

Andrew had this to say:

In this conversation, Holly gives a masterclass addressing one of the biggest challenges we face: how to build a team and organization that is deeply connected to the people they seek to serve on an ongoing basis. In product management parlance, this is called continuous discovery or dual-track product discovery.

We covered some of my favorite topics, like practicing Continuous Discovery and Delivery, the Product Science Success Path, and Pre-Mortem Risk Assessments. We even went into detail on being uncomfortable and what I learned as a competitive figure skater. Check it out on your favorite podcast app or play below.

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