Interview on Awkward Silences about Encouraging Collaboration Between UX Research and Stakeholders

In the midst of launching H2R Product Science’s podcast,  I’ve been interviewing guests nonstop. Between all the interviews for our podcast, I’ve had a had a few welcomed breaks where I got the opportunity to be a guest instead!

One podcast that I love is Awkward Silences with Erin and JH. Erin, JH,  and I got to sit down and have a great conversation discussing linking stakeholders to research, setting up team structures that encourage consistent knowledge sharing, and creating practices of comprehensive research.

Here’s an excerpt from the show notes:

These snapshots make it easier for your stakeholders to empathize with the user on the other side of the table. Adding context, like demographic, relevance to your market, and behavioral data, helps put qualitative data into perspective. Adding objective details like direct quotes also helps to take the bias out of your research and the decision making process. Adding things that are inarguable, like quotes also helps to take the bias out of your research and the decision making process. If you really like what someone who represents only 1% of your target market is saying, snapshots make it easier to take a step back and say, “hold on a second, that may not be the best choice for the majority of our users.”

Ready to give it a listen? Listen on anchor, or check out their show notes here: Holly Hester-Reilly on Encouraging Collaboration Between UXR and Stakeholders. I also recommend checking out the other great content from User Interviews. I’ve been a fan since they began. I even wrote a piece for their newsletter a while back on how to plan interviews for your early-stage products.

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