Dan Melinger - Product Leader and StrategistProduct Leader

Dan is a product leader and strategist. He has built disruptive solutions for mass media and social media, finance, gaming, education, and the service economy.





Dan is also an entrepreneur, having founded Socialight, an early mobile social network, in 2005 (acquired 2011) and Edco, crowdfunding for K–12 education needs in 2013. Until recently, Dan served as VP Product at FanDuel, where he developed the company’s newest games while helping its product organization navigate through a period of rapid growth and change.

Dan holds an undergraduate degree in Communications from the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree from ITP, the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. He’s an avid skier, loves to tinker with electronics and, with his wife Ann, is parent to two awesome kids and a wacky dog.

What Motivates Dan

“I’ve always loved creating elegant, usable solutions to problems – because it makes our lives better. Doing software product work feels amazing because of its potential for scale. Even small improvements to widely used software can have massive impact.”

Fun Stuff

Dan is a dual citizen – US and EU. In 2019, after lots of eye-opening genealogical research, and gathering historical documents from governments around the world, Dan was issued a Polish passport.