The Daniel Elizalde Hypothesis: IoT Product Leaders Create Products That People Trust

Daniel Elizalde is a product consultant specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT). He has over twenty years of experience working in aerospace, energy, and other industries where consistency and security are mission critical. This week on the Product Science Podcast, we talk about what it takes to build risk management and security into your… Read More

The Christopher Lochhead Hypothesis: Legendary People, Products, and Companies Follow The Exponential Value of What Makes Them Different

Christopher Lochhead is the author of Play Bigger and Niche Down, a 3x Silicon Valley CMO, and the host of the Follow Your Different Podcast. This week on the Product Science Podcast, we sit down to talk about his years of experience in Silicon Valley, what it means to design a market category, and how… Read More

The Katelyn Bourgoin Hypothesis: You Can Talk to 300 Customers and Still Build the Wrong Thing

Katelyn Bourgoin is a 3x founder turned product discovery coach, specializing in helping startups use the jobs-to-be-done framework. In this episode of the Product Science Podcast, we talk about the mistakes many organizations make when they think they’re doing the right research and what you can do to make sure you don’t fall for the… Read More

The Rich Mironov Hypothesis: Great Product Leadership is Both Subtle and Slow to Pay Off

Rich Mironov is a veteran product management and product executive coach with years of experience helping product leadership and tech company executives ask the right questions. Today on the Product Science Podcast, we look at the patterns he’s seen in organizations that do product right, where most businesses get tripped up, and what you can… Read More

The Tommi Forsstrom Hypothesis: Great Product Management at Scale Involves No Big Teams, Just a Lot of Small Teams in One

Tommi Forström is the CPO-in-residence of Produx Labs. This week on the Product Science Podcast, we talk about how product leadership can make a difference in organizations big and small. What can business leaders do to make a large organization feel small? We look at lessons that Tommi has learned along the way, and what… Read More

The Teresa Torres Hypothesis: The Best Product Teams Continually Improve Both Their Product and Their Process

Teresa Torres is a product discovery coach and the author of the Product Talk Blog. She spends most of her time coaching cross-functional product teams on how to adopt continuous discovery practices. On this episode of the Product Science Podcast, we get into how you can refine your product discovery practices. Subscribe for the full… Read More

The Patrick Campbell Hypothesis: Effective Data-Informed Decisions Focus on the Question

Patrick Campbell founded Price Intelligently, which evolved into ProfitWell, which uses data to help subscription companies make smart monetization and retention decisions. What started out as a software company lead to a broader business, but there were certainly some false starts along the way. This week on the Product Science Podcast, we talk to Patrick… Read More

The Barry O’Reilly Hypothesis: You’ve Got to Be Comfortable With Getting Uncomfortable

Barry O’Reilly is the Founder of ExecCamp and author of Lean Enterprise. This week on the Product Science Podcast, we talk about the lessons he’s learned from software development, and how he works with business leaders to create an environment that’s safe to fail. Learn about the principles behind his new book, Unlearn, and what… Read More