The Pulkit Agrawal Hypothesis: Customer-Centric Teams Are Attached to Problems and Not Solutions

In the Product Science Podcast episode with Pulkit Agrawal, we cover how practicing product can be different outside of the western world, how Pulkit validates solutions with customers, and the lessons he’s learned while growing Chameleon. Read More

The Susan Stavitzski Hypothesis: The Best Way to Get Better at Discovery is to Do It Over and Over Again

In the Product Science Podcast interview with Susan Stavitzski, we cover the role of product marketing, the nitty-gritty process of doing continuous product discovery, and what it’s like working in a strong product organization with empowered teams. Read More

The Caroline Rose Hypothesis: Absolutely Everybody Should Be Involved In Discovery Research

In this episode of the Product Science Podcast, we cover Caroline’s career in product, how she uses story telling to align different teams, how to get buy in for continuous experimentation at companies large and small, and how even a failed experiment can yield positive results. Read More

The Janel Wellborn Hypothesis: Teams Should Celebrate Learning Fast, Not Failing Fast

In this episode of the Product Science Podcast, we cover Janel’s journey into product working at large retailers like the Gap & Macy’s, transitioning from waterfall to agile. We also cover how to iterate behavioral changes in an organization, and how to embrace quick failed experiments to help build the right products. Read More

The Karthik Suresh Hypothesis: Even Amazing Products Fail Without the Right Go-To-Market

In this episode of the Product Science Podcast, we cover Karthik’s lessons learned in being an entrepreneur trying to find product market fit. We also cover what it’s like to be a product manager at an organization like Facebook building features that affect users at large scale. And we answer how to build a go to market strategy for businesses of varying stages of development. Read More