Uncertain Times Require Rapid, Remote Product Discovery – Product Science Journal #29

One of our core beliefs at H2R Product Science is that technology can and should be used to solve real problems and make a positive impact on the world. This seemed like a time that we couldn’t just sit on the sidelines. With all the change, it’s time to talk to customers. Don’t guess at how their lives are changing – learn from them. Read More

Nir Eyal on How Products That Create Desirable Habits Win the Long Game – Product Science Journal #28

Not only did I get to talk product with Nir Eyal, but I also got to shine a light on the companies that have used the Hooked model to create value for society. These companies, like FitBod, Kahoot, and Anchor use the awesome power of behavioral design and technology to help people build habits that they don’t regret. Read More