Building High-Growth Products Shouldn’t Feel Like a Grind – Product Science Journal #21

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Do you ever see product leaders and startup founders whose products aren’t growing quickly, but who look to blame everything but the product itself? It’s the startup founder who is investing in sales & marketing when there is still high churn. It’s the product leader who is pushing their team to move on to the next project when they haven’t checked that they’ve got numbers that confirm that the product they shipped delivers the value to the customer that it’s meant to.

They are acting as though more sales or more marketing or more features will finally change the trajectory. But what they really need is to step back, stop casting about looking for the next shiny object, and instead clarify their strategy and shore up their experimentation.

Below are a couple of my favorite pieces on cutting through the conversation by investing in the vision building and an invitation to our upcoming workshops.

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Articles & Podcasts

Stop Trying To Hustle Your Way to High Growth

In this story I recently published in Hacker Noon, I argue that building successful products isn’t about hustle or luck — use science and empathy instead.

What You Should Clarify and Communicate as a Product Leader

In this piece by Teresa Torres, she shares “As a product leader, it is your job to influence and to guide. If it’s not happening, you can always start by defining these components within the scope of your product. Even front-line product managers can do this.”

A surprisingly simple technique for a rockstar product vision: The Ladder of Needs

My mentor at Shutterstock, Catherine Ulrich, shares, “I was recently asked, ‘what’s the most important quality of a product manager?’ My answer came very quickly: the ability to sell your team on a vision.”

Podcast: Cameron Herold On Great COO’s & How To Reverse Engineer Your Vivid Vision

In this podcast episode from Legends & Losers, Cameron Herold argues that “When people can see your Vivid Vision, they naturally conspire to help certain elements of your vision come true.”

Upcoming Workshops

Data-Driven Product Decisions Workshops with H2R Product Science

Want to build products that make an impact, driving growth and outcomes for your users? Join us for the data-driven product decisions workshop to level up your product leadership skills – Oct 16 in NYC or Nov 26 in Seattle

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