All Things Continuous Product Discovery – Product Science Journal #34

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Dear product leaders,

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at Women in Product’s 2022 Annual Conference. I loved getting to share my experiences with continuous product discovery and high-growth products with the women who attended the conference. There were so many great questions – many of them about B2B – that I decided to put on a webinar to answer more of them. So check out our upcoming webinar on Continuous Product Discovery in B2B!

I’m feeling reinvigorated and ready to tackle everything from the basics to the nuances of applying continuous product discovery. So this issue is all things continuous product discovery – from our podcast interview with Giff Constable to lessons specific to B2B to a general overview of how to adopt continuous product discovery. I hope that wherever you are on your journey, you’re able to add just a little bit more discovery to your weeks.


The Giff Constable Hypothesis: Efficient Teams Learn Before They Build

The Product Science Podcast

I had so much fun talking with Giff Constable, author of Talking to Humans and Testing with Humans, about product discovery and product leadership. Giff shared lots of great tips and stories about everything from how to run better tests to being vulnerable and honest as a manager.

Lessons from launching effective B2B continuous product discovery


In this article, Michael Yorke shares his lessons learned working in B2B and practicing continuous product discovery. A key takeaway? Build great relationships with the client relationship managers. It goes a long way.

3 Best Practices for Adopting Continuous Product Discovery

Product Talk

In this talk, Teresa Torres gives a clear explanation of what Continuous Product Discovery is and shares 3 different types of activities that can be run continuously to drive evidence-based product decisions.


Podcast Season 4 Is In Full Swing

We’re working hard on Season 4! In addition to the episode above, check out these recent episodes:

Upcoming Live Webinar: Continuous Product Discovery in B2B

On Tuesday June 14th my team and I are running a webinar on Continuous Product Discovery in B2B. We often get asked how to apply these principles in a B2B setting, so we thought we’d do a session on the topic to answer all your questions! Join us.

I’m Speaking at the ITX Product and Design Conference!

On June 23rd and 24th I’ll be in Rochester NY at the ITX Product and Design Conference. I’ll be giving a workshop on High-Impact Product Experimentation and a keynote on The Product Science Success Path. Come and join me!

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