Lead Product Manager

Hi, I’m Alex Vaughn and thrilled to be a part of the H2R Product Science team! I have been working in product for 8 years and would describe myself as a digital product strategist with multi-channel experience and a passion for native apps. I have a background in data analytics and statistics. I have worked in multiple settings from a startup to an NGO to a Fortune 500. Three years ago I left corporate tech and founded a startup with colleagues from grad school, Mastiff and began consulting on product for startups until they are ready to bring product in-house.


Alex Vaughn is a former competitive ski cross racer, erstwhile rower, and invariable bookworm. Professionally she describes herself as a digital product strategist with cross-platform, multi-channel experience and a particular passion for native apps. The user problems she relishes solving are those that attempt to answer the “why” of human behaviors.

She has built web and app products for a Fortune 500 company where she got started doing predictive analytics and owned the evolution of a proprietary a/b testing tool. She spent time there creating compelling native-app user experiences, dipping her toes into intrapreneurship and creating shared innovation experiences within a corporate setting. Alex finds the mission the team has undertaken at Mastiff a particularly exciting environment to build products with seamless user experiences that empower users to take control of their network security.

Alex graduated with honors from Georgetown University with an A.B. in Psychology and Spanish and an M.A. in Applied Statistics from Columbia University. She volunteers with the New York Junior League (NYJL) and sits on the Board of Trustees for the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium. Blink, and you may miss her teaching Vinyasa yoga classes. She is an avid skier, recreational sailor, and always dreaming up or planning her next travel adventure.

What Motivates Alex

“Blending creativity and art with exacting, replicable scientific methods to build successful digital products people want to use and love!”

Fun Stuff

I am incredibly passionate about travel. Adventures and new experiences drive a lot of my leisure pursuits. My bucket list includes skiing on every continent. I’ve checked off 3! I was struck by lightning on my 30th birthday, but I’m still waiting to see what my superpowers will be!