Data-Driven Strategy + Continuous Execution = Product Growth

I’ve helped startups like Portfolio School and MetaMap, high growth companies like MediaMath and Shutterstock, and enterprises like Weight Watchers and Toys “R” Us figure out which product growth opportunities they should pursue and build the teams to deliver on their goals.

I coach my clients and students to use scientific techniques to start with a market opportunity or a promising idea, identify a viable product that users will love, work across disciplines to make the product become reality, and support and grow that product to a successful product-market fit.

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Holly Hester-Reilly, Product Management Trainer and Consultant

Dillon Forrest

I worked with Holly on bringing a large enterprise web product to market, and the job could not have been completed without Holly’s leadership as the product owner. Holly is the rare product leader who is the complete package: empathetic to users, effective and fun for designers and engineers to work with, and trusted by executives to deliver on strategic KPIs and maintain transparency from concept to launch. I give Holly my most enthusiastic recommendation.

Dillon Forrest, Cofounder at RankScience

Han Qiu

Data driven, execution oriented, leader, go getter. Those are the words I would use to describe Holly.
Holly came in to Shutterstock when we desperately needed business direction for Skillfeed (a Shutterstock company). She conducted one of the best data driven business analyses I have seen. Holly collected a tremendous amount of data by surveying the competitive landscape, comparing various industry pricing models, categorizing thousands of user feedbacks and came up with concrete suggestions that are backed by data. Furthermore, Holly was able to be Product Owners on multiple successful teams. I would recommend Holly without reservation.

Han Qiu, Director of Engineering at Namely