Data-Driven Strategy + Continuous Execution = Product Growth

I’ve helped startups like Portfolio School and MetaMap, high growth companies like MediaMath and Shutterstock, and enterprises like Weight Watchers and Toys “R” Us figure out which product growth opportunities they should pursue and build the teams to deliver on their goals.

I coach my clients and students to use scientific techniques to start with a market opportunity or a promising idea, identify a viable product that users will love, work across disciplines to make the product become reality, and support and grow that product to a successful product-market fit.

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Holly Hester-Reilly, Product Management Trainer and Consultant

I really enjoyed the Data-Driven Product Decisions workshop – the topic was one I feel like I am faced with more and more these days. I liked the way Holly did the product opportunity assessment, so I walked my team through some of the exercises to apply to a project we’re working on now. It helped us to focus our experimentation.

Joe Lalley, Head of Product Management and User Experience Design at PwC, User Experience Design Instructor at General Assembly

I really enjoyed meeting the other workshop attendees and getting an extended view into Holly’s product opportunity assessment process. I especially liked how Holly broke the guidelines down into digestible chunks for the break out sessions and built them back up together in the discussion. I also liked the format of a case study with her work at Shutterstock as examples. Felt free but not scary!

Grace Tuttle, Design Researcher & Strategist